Sixteen, Nitro Double Irish Red Ale

Sixteen, Nitro Double Irish Red Ale

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Sixteen 6.5 % - Special 16th Birthday Release

Beer Style: Nitro Double Irish Red Ale

To celebrate our 16th Birthday, we took a trip down memory lane to the beer that started it all at Rocks Brewing Co, the Irish Red Ale. 16 years on, we are bigger, bolder, and full of character. This beer is no different.

Based on the original recipe, turned up to 16 this Irish Red Ale is rich with chocolate, caramel, and sweet biscuit malt flavour. Full bodied with a beautifully silky mouthfeel made possible by the addition of NITRO!

Shake well and pour hard. 

Happy Birthday to us! 

Delivered fresh from our Brewery & Tap House in Alexandria, NSW

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No Alcohol can be sold or supplied to anyone under 18. It’s against the law.